Blue Boat Books is an independent publisher for children’s books.

We believe in the power of stories and the magic of enriching them with music and hand crafting. 

Young Leyla grows up and lives in a place she is originally not from. Although she looks very different, she feels very much at home there.

One day Leyla, her mother, and her sister have to leave suddenly and travel to the windswept far away island of her grandparents.

Facing the hard challenges of feeling lost in a new place, adapting and learning a new language, Leyla meets a strange dark woman who guides her in staying true to herself.

The Home Within Me is about Leyla’s journey through several worlds, geographically, emotionally, and culturally. It is about feeling at home in her own story, about collecting, remembering and staying creative, and the courage to keep alive what’s important to her, no matter where she is.

Each book comes with simple activities where creative growth can happen and the imagination can run wild.

We encourage using natural materials like leaves, sticks and flowers together with cardboard, fabrics, strings, and paint.

A Blue Boat Book experience is a time for genuine connection with family and friends.
We believe that shared creative experiences invite the most meaningful play and communication!